Backplane and VPX IO card

The Backplane

This system was designed by Adcom as per customer spec. It includes a backplane and I/O card.

Main Backplane features:
  • 3U VPX backplane card
  • VITA46 standard
  • 2 VPX Power supply Slots with current share capability
  • 6 VPX I/O slots for SBC and Adcom's I/O cards
  • 38 I/O connectors (HDMI, SATA etc.) interfacing the SBC and I/O cards
  • Keying Alignment for each Slot
  • Output power for each Rail is:
    • 3.3V rail - 200W
    • 5V rail - 200W
    • 12V rail - 200W
    • Maximum power of all rails - 400W

PCB layout was done Mentor Graphics Expedition platform. The challenge was transferring much power in the board while keeping the analog rails very smooth and stable.

Adcom is connected with many PCB manufacturers and assembly subcontractors worldwide. It allows Adcom to choose the best partners for the project.

The I/O card

The 3U VPX I/O card was designed to interface and monitor an SBC. Main feature are:
  • Powered by the VPX standard voltages.
  • Interface with SBC via I²C.
  • A variety of signal types were in this card like
    • TTL/LVTTL signals
    • LVDS tranceivers
    • Multiple Discrete Inputs
    • Temperature sensor
    • FANs control
    • Voltage monitoring
    • HV Transmitter Power monitor

An FPGA controlled all data accuracy and transfers and reported the results to the SBC for analysis.