Printed Circuit Boards.

Adcom Computers and Communication ltd.  is a Printed Circuit Board layout design house and more…

Adcom takes responsibility on a printed board layout designfrom the very first step the customer wishes Adcom to be involved. The customer may come with a schematic, a sketch, a block diagram, a product and we can take it from there, to whatever milestone the customer wishes us to comply to.

There are several PCB layout Platforms in our world and we utilize the best 2 of them.

Mentor Graphics Expedition
Allegro Cadence

Adcom layout team can support every PCB layout design from Rigid to Flex, Rigid-Flex, miniature PCB, Embedded design, special materials etc.;

Adcom layout team is professional and very experienced, thus, we won twice, in 2015 and in 2017 the Worldwide TLA Award of Mentor Graphics in the category of blades and servers PCB layout design.

Adcom management sets up a main designer to the project as a Project manager and a POC to the customer, to fulfill the PCB layout Flow successfully.

Choosing the right PCB material, stack-up and design rules, is a major factor in the success of first time right for the board design functionality.

The PCB layout design phase starts from examining the incoming, existing materials, in a Kickoff meeting, then a PCB layout route cards is updated with the missing/open data; communication with the customer continues until no more open issues. Footprint library usage can be with Adcom Internal footprint library or with the customers one, a librarian will take care of the build of new footprints, and add them to the design.

At the board placement step, all components need to exist, as well as mechanical dimension data, PCB stack up requests, the electronic design clean and all blocks clear to the designer. All boards currents and power consumption known. In hi-speed board pre-simulation can be run. Once the review of the placement has been completed, naturally the designer can move on to the fanout stage as well as define layers to sensitive signals, Power and special needs/requests. Reviews can be done with the customer as well.

Once the placement, fan out and board stack-up are defined, the route phase takes place done with the electronic design reviewed closely, in order to get the best electronic performance in the card. PCB Manufacturing aspects are embedded in the work along the way to ensure a smooth PCB manufacturing Process. A Critical design review takes place upon the Layout completion and a thorough checklist is followed as to not to miss any of the board requests. Lots of effort, understanding and dedication are put in the PCB layout design, as this is the last stop before turning plans to reality. Once the design goes to the PCB process steps, there is no way to reverse or change any more.

The production phase is done by subcontractors, who have been certified by Adcom, or chosen by the customer. Adcom team is connected with the best PCB manufacturer worldwide, and with Assembly houses within Israel to implement the assembly process for the new cards.

Once the project is completed, the customer gets the production folders to his ownership. 
Adcom PCB Layout