Adcom Computers and Communication is an Electronic Design Center and more…

Adcom takes responsibility on an Electronic board design from the very first step the customer wishes Adcom to be involved. The customer may come with an idea, a sketch, a picture or a working prototype or a SOW (scope of work) document.

Adcom management sets up a team for the project purpose with a Project manager as a POC to the customer. Then the team learns the SOW document and the board is divided functionally among the members according to their best suitable capabilities – H/W; PS design; S/W; Layout etc. Board block diagrams and Software flow charts are then created to cover the board functionality. During the daily design routine, the team interacts on a need basis and once a week a formal project status review takes place. Review and colleague reviews are part of the process as well as formal reviews with or without the customer. Once a review is completed, Action items are derived, and the team continues with the tasks, to the next phase in the board design, might it be simulation; layout or code writing. Once the components have been chosen and studied, the schematic is completed and the layout takes place, based on an inhouse symbol and footprint library. Choosing the right PCB material, stack-up and design rules, is a major factor in the success of first time right for the board design functionality. A Critical design review takes place upon the design completion and a thorough checklist is followed as to not to miss any of the board requests, or testing modes. Lots of effort is put in the design of the tests to be done once the PCA arrives after the assembly and the s/w needs to be loaded or booted into it. The BIT (Build in test) is the first test to be run on the boards, after verifying that all the Power Supplies are alive, configured and work according to their planned functionality.

The production phase is done by subcontractors, who have been certified by Adcom, or chosen by the customer. Adcom team is connected with the best PCB manufacturer worldwide, and with Assembly houses within Israel to implement he assembly process of the new cards.

Once the project is completed, the customer has accepted it and has no further requests. The projects is then archived with all data in Adcom, and the customer gets all his sources.

In case maintenance is required then a separate agreement takes place.
Electronic Board Design