Adcom Computers and Communication is an Electronic Design Center and more…

Adcom takes responsibility on a product design from the very first step the customer wishes Adcom to be involved. The customer may come with an idea, a sketch, a picture or a working prototype.

From this step Adcom has in place a devolvement process based on ISO:2015 requirements to comply with. This includes a POC for the project, weekly status meetings, Design reviews, Integration with Mechanical designer if required, as well as with a Product designer, and guidance towards Certification if required.

Adcom has capabilities to do a full product design with full electronic design, choose of the best suitable components for the functionality, conduct simulation on PSPICE, base the design either on OrCAD or DXD platforms. Embedded s/w and FPGA design are also a part of Adcom capabilities to provide a full solution. The s/w and Embedded are done inhouse, by a team of experienced programmers.

Once the design has been approved, the PCB (printed circuit board) layout phase starts in-house managed by the team leader with lots of experience and electronic visibility. The PCB layout can be done either on Cadence Allegro platform and/or on DXD Expedition. Once the LCR (layout critical review) review has been done we are getting ready for the Prototype production if required by the customer. Adcom is connected to the PCB and assembly subcontractor's world. PCB's are manufactured around the globe in a short time and with good pricing and quality. The Assembly subcontractors are mainly in Israel, and perform the assembly phase based on kit, assembly data and assembly instruction launched by Adcom. Once the PCA (printed circuit assembly) returns to Adcom, they are tested and validated in Adcom lab vs the spec and for their functionality. The Embedded and s/w are integrated into the product, delivered to customer to conduct his acceptance tests or to conduct it on Adcom premises. Once the project has been approved and completed a Product folder is created and the customer can continue with his plans, and Adcom will archive the project for future use.

Our Mission is

To provide the best product possible to a customer, based on SPEC or SOW as an input, with a planned schedule, agreed milestones, to a satisfying product output.

Our staff is comprised of professionals that work as a team to tailor the best solution for our customer, all under one roof, with maximum flexibility.
Adcom Full Turnkey Solutions