Adcom Computers and Communication is an Electronic Design Center and more…

Adcom takes responsibility on a board design from the very first step the customer wishes Adcom to get involved. The customer may come with an idea, a sketch, a picture or a working prototype or a SOW (scope of work) document and walk out with prototypes in his hands. Once Adcom team designs the product, usually 5 first prototypes are included. In case a larger quantity is required it can be done.

Adcom management sets up a team for the project purpose with a Project manager as a POC to the customer. In the case of Engineering support and services there is a wide variety of activities Adcom can support as:
  • Component Engineering
  • Symbol and footprint library build and maintain
  • Layout design & DFM
  • Design dedicated testers for products
  • Production files
  • Certification and registration alignment
  • PCB manufacturing
  • Purchase of Parts
  • Assembly guidance
  • Testing and documentation
  • NPI

Each activity can be done as part of a full turnkey or as an individual activity defined by timer and hours.

The production phase is done by subcontractors, who have been certified by Adcom, or chosen by the customer. Adcom team is connected with the best PCB manufacturer worldwide, and with Assembly houses within Israel to implement he assembly process of the new cards.

Once the project is completed, the projects is archived with all data in Adcom, and the customer gets his documents.

In case maintenance is required then a separate agreement takes place.
Adcom Engineering Prototypes